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I am making a Enchancer Yearbook to give to Greyson in 2012 when I meet him! This tumblr is ran by me (@ImaGreysonFreak on twitter) and my Enchancer Presidents for each US state, UK, South America, ETC. Information on the yearbook will be posted here almost everyday! If you would like to participate please contact me or one of the 50 Presidents for more information on the book. You can find our contact in the Enchancer Presidents tab on the side of this page. 'Enchancer Yearbook started October 26th 2011'
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When is the book being sent to Greyson?<3
enchanceryearbook enchanceryearbook Said:

Whenever he goes on another US tour(: Hopefully it will be this sprinf/summer <3

I have been getting many questions from many different fans asking if they could be apart of the Enchancer Yearbook and I have kept telling and telling them that the time is coming for that…and now it has :DD

If you are interested in being apart of the Enchancer Yearbook all you have to do is…

  1. Email enchanceryearbook@yahoo.com your name, age, state/country and twitter username along with a picture of yourself to go along with it!!
  2. A message to Greyson from you (isn’t mandatory but if you want to tell him something special)

Also if you are able to send pictures of concert tickets, venues, you and Greyson, etc. it would be greatly appreciated(: Thank you so much, and if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to drop them in our ask box.

follow me back please?
enchanceryearbook enchanceryearbook Said:

Of course(:

Hey guys! I’m vivian, one of the enchancer president presidents for maryland(: follow my tumblr at LiveLoveChance.tumblr.com thanks(:

New York president Katie here! Oh, follow my blog whybreakaheartthatsbeating&#160;!

New York president Katie here! Oh, follow my blog whybreakaheartthatsbeating !

Hey guys! its the North Dakota enchancer president, Montana (: 
just wanted to say i’m so excited to be picked for this, and more posts are to come (: